Available Kittens

update 12/25/21

We have three kittens available, however they are not ready to leave yet. New photos will be posted soon. Two females and one male will be available.

From left to right

Information about kitten purchase (please read before emailing, as I answer most questions below.)

Unless noted otherwise all pet kittens are available for $400

Our kittens are registered either with CFA or TICA or both depending on which cats are in the bloodlines.

We have tested out breeding cats for HCM through DNA testing. We do not test each kitten individually as their parents are already negative.

Unless you are purchasing a breeder/show kitten or cat, you (the buyer) will be responsible for having the kitten altered. The Human Society of Tupelo has a low cost spay/neuter/vaccination program, which I have personally used without incident. Their contact information is provided to those buyers who request it. (as of this writing, spay/neuter surgery runs $40-$90 with a $10 rabies vaccination – sometimes they run specials for an even more reduced rate.) Registration paperwork is released to the buyers once altering has been completed.

I offer a three year genetic health guarantee for all kittens sold. Kittens receive an initial vaccination which is a three way killed virus covering the core vaccinations kittens need as well as a booster vaccination. All kittens are dewormed and receive a flea/tick treatment (Advantage, Frontline, Chersterin) Kittens are litter box and scratching post trained before leaving the cattery.

Kittens can leave at 12 weeks of age.

See a kitten you like or want more information about? Contact me at Danisjumpers@aol.com or Schachtstudio@gmail.com